About Us

Supreme Pharmatech Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical factory, specialized in development and production of wide range of natural nutraceutical products for integrative medicine and clinical nutrition. The company is connected to thousands of practitioners worldwide and plays active role in nutritional research programs.

Supreme Pharmatech Co., Ltd. focusing on the implementation of liposome nano-technology for wide range of nutraceutical ingredients of natural origin. Our oral liposome delivery system has been developed for the purpose of bypassing the gastric system and deliver almost 95% of nutrients to the target cells and tissues.


Supreme Pharmatech Co., Ltd. is operating at 10,000 square meters GMP-certified factory, partially powered by solar energy. The production process is automated at maximum level, facilities are operated with computer-controlled internal microclimate. The products are FDA-certified and produced in strict compliance with GMP standard. Quality of materials and final products are carefully tested at in-house laboratory.

PLM (Private Label Manufacturing)

Whether you are looking to create a new product or enlarge your existing range, Supreme Pharmatech is capable to make it in the most efficient way possible. Our team of professionals can suggest right ingredients, make optimal formulation, and suggest best packaging and design.

All formulations will be registered by FDA. Export items will be provided with Free Sale Certificate.

Every inquiry is welcomed.