About Us

Supreme Pharmatech is one of the few biotech companies in the world, who is actively developing and applying liposomal nanotechnology on production scale. Supreme Pharmatech is operating at over 10,000 square meters facilities, which are partially powered by solar energy. The production process is automated at maximum level and complies with GMP regulations. All company products are certified by Thai FDA. The company also passed US FDA registration since beginning of 2021.

Nowadays food supplements market is rapidly changing into nano liposomal food supplements market, and Supreme Pharmatech is playing a leading role in this change. Liposomal nanotechnology is a revolutionary step in development of pharmaceutical and food industries. Liposomes can manipulate the solubility of encapsulated active ingredients, as well as protect them from degradation, and even achieve delivery to specific site. Oral liposome delivery system is capable to bypass the gastric system and deliver nutrients to the target cells and tissues in almost full digested amount. Liposomes are considered as the most promising carriers for nutrients delivery to the cells because of their ability of long circulation residence time, as well as precise targeting.

Liposomal ingredients of natural origin will soon play an important role in daily life of whole mankind. Liposomal nanotechnology is already used in development and production of vaccines and anti-cancer drugs. Liposomal nanoemulsions are finding more and more applications in pharmaceutical and food industries. It is estimated, that at the end of this decade liposomal nanotechnology will become dominant delivery system for pharmaceuticals and natural active ingredients.

Supreme Pharmatech is applying patented liposomal nanotechnology for production of new generation dietary food supplements for human and animal consumption. Liposomal dietary food supplements for humans may play vital role in integrative medicine and as a preventive measures for many diseases. Liposomal veterinarian dietary supplements may do the same for house pets and bigger animals. Human liposomal dietary food supplements and veterinarian liposomal dietary food supplements may have numerous forms, such as tablets, hard shell capsules with dry powders and hard shell capsules filled with nanoemulsion, softgels with nanoemulsion, ampoules with nanoemulsion, nano sprays, nano powders in sachets, nanoemulsions in sachets, and many more.

Supreme Pharmatech is one of few certified factories in Thailand for processing hemp seed oil. Liposomal nanotechnology is allowing to incorporate active ingredients into hemp seed oil and other oils. Supreme Pharmatech is possessing solvent-free patented nanotechnology, which can be characterized as "Green Technology". R&D team of Supreme Pharmatech is actively developing and testing possible combinations of active botanicals and other nano liposomal ingredients with hemp seed oil.

R&D department of Supreme Pharmatech constantly carrying research in the field of biotech nanotechnology. We had developed numerous SOPs (Standard Operational Procedure) for vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, oils, active botanicals and other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Among our best achievements are liposomal astragalus, liposomal curcumin, liposomal quercetin, liposomal resveratrol, liposomal hesperidin, liposomal vitamin C, liposomal vitamins of B group, liposomal vitamin D, liposomal GABA, liposomal calcium, liposomal iron, liposomal magnesium, liposomal zinc, liposomal chromium, liposomal glutathione and many more.