SUPREME PHARMATECH is focusing on the development of liposome novel nano-technology for wide range of nutraceutical ingredients. Liposomes are small spherical nano-vesicles which are made of natural non-toxic phospholipids of natural origin. Liposomes can manipulate the solubility of encapsulated small organic molecules (i.e. active ingredients), as well as protect the embedded active ingredients from degradation, and even achieve delivery to specific site. Nowadays liposomes are considered as the most promising carriers for nutrients delivery to the cells because of their ability of long circulation residence time, as well as precise targeting.

Great number of orally taken nutritional supplements have low rate of absorption and bioavailability. Because the stability of orally taken nutrients is very much affected by the low pH of stomach, also the presence of bile salts and lipases.

For many decades the gap between “in-vitro” and “in-vivo” results was compromising the trust to natural ingredients. Our oral liposome delivery system has been developed for the purpose of bypassing the gastric system, deliver nutrients to the target cells and tissues and restore the trust to the natural way of fighting nutritional deficiencies and diseases. Our oral liposome delivery system enhancing bioavailability of nutrients to almost 95%, improves nutrient solubility and stability.

SUPREME PHARMATECH is applying liposome delivery system to a great number of formulations for specified below directions:


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