Supreme Pharmatech developed a line of nutritional supplement products with liposomal flavonoid quercetin in response to the growing rate of respiratory illnesses and Covid vulnerabilities worldwide.


Supreme Pharmatech developed a line of nutritional supplement products with liposomal flavonoid quercetin in response to the growing rate of respiratory illnesses and Covid vulnerabilities worldwide.


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Local producer and exporter of food supplement products, Supreme Pharmatech Co., Ltd., just announced, that the company is ready to launch its new line of nutritional supplements with Liposomal Flavonoid Quercetin, in response to growing demand for natural ingredients against respiratory illnesses.

Quercetin is the most abundant dietary flavonoid found in many plants and foods, such as red wine, green tea, apples, onions, berries, and others. Quercetin is linked to a wide range of health benefits, included lowering inflammatory markers, reduction of cholesterol and high blood pressure, lowering oxidative stress, neuro protection and extending immunomodulating effects. Numerous clinical studies with Quercetin have confirmed its antiviral potential and pointed to a proposed usage of Quercetin in connection with fighting respiratory diseases.

Respiratory lung diseases are on the rise for the past several decades, due to poor quality of air in many regions of the world. Air pollution, tobacco consumption, obesity and poor exercise and diet are the main contributing factors in this global health crisis.

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal (Vol. 8, Issue 6, P531-533, June 01, 2020) stated “…close to 545 million people in the world have had a chronic respiratory disease in 2017, an increase of 39.8% since 1990…” [1]

According to this data, which was published from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), from 2009 till 2019 the rate of lower respiratory tract infections in Thailand increased a massive 77.1%. The rate of lung cancer in the Thai population had increased 32.9% for the same period of time. [2]

Professor MR Mozafari, Head of the nano-liposome research and development team at Supreme Pharmatech, said that nutritional and environmental factors playing leading role in sharp increase of respiratory diseases in Asia. It is well known fact, that household air pollution from solid fuels, as well as prolonged exposure to airborne particle matter are dramatically influencing the rise of respiratory diseases in South-East Asian countries, especially Thailand. The research on Quercetin from the growing of Thai plants is ongoing in many scientific communities, included Mahidol University.

Recent research, published at Natural Product Communications journal suggested usage of Quercetin against coronavirus infections. [3] The meta-analysis published at US National Library of Medicine stated, that supplementation with flavonoids decreased incidents of respiratory infections by 33% [4]

A Russian partner of Supreme Pharmatech, Dr. Irina Bortnikova from the medical centre “OM Clinic” in Moscow [5], stated, that development of Quercetin-based nutritional supplements by Supreme Pharmatech will be highly welcomed worldwide. There is big amount of credible evidence, that Quercetin in combination with vitamins C and D may exert a synergistic antiviral action. This will make Quercetin-based formulations very useful, especially during viral pandemics worldwide.

Dr. Irina Bortnikova also stated, that conventional Quercetin powders have low Bioavailability. It is estimated, that less than 20% of orally taken Quercetin can reach systemic circulation. For decades this was the main obstacle in wider usage of Quercetin against respiratory viral diseases, but with the help of Liposomal technology, Quercetin-based nutritional supplements from Supreme Pharmatech will play an important role as a protective measure against viral infections of respiratory tract.

Mrs. Milint Winthasiri added, that Supreme Pharmatech is currently negotiating contracts to produce Quercetin-based formulations for branches of Supreme Pharmatech in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Kazakhstan. There are several more countries which have also shown interest in producing this product and negotiations are currently on-going.

In the end of February 2021, Supreme Pharmatech plans to adapt some export formulations for the local market, which may be sold to local buyers on an OEM basis.





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