Supreme Pharmatech entering hemp production business as one of five authorized processing companies

Mr.Pison Sribanthit

Maejo University and Thai FDA opening the first meeting to apply for Commercial License for hemp cultivation in Northern part of Thailand


Published 29 JAN 2021 at:


Maejo University has arranged the project “Commercial Hemp Growing License” to provide correct knowledge on obtaining a license to planting hemp and introducing the authorized companies to provide correct information. The event got high attention from the public.

29th of January 2021 Maejo University opened an application for “Commercial Hemp Growers” with Assoc. Prof. Dr.Weerapol Thongma (President of Maejo University), Prof. Dr.Arnut Tansho (Director of Research and Development of Natural Agriculture Department), Mrs. Narumon Kantee (Consumer Protection and Pharmacy Department at Chiang Mai Provincial Health Office), Mr.Pison Sribanthit (Professional Pharmacist at Chiang Mai Provincial Health Office), who provide the knowledge and information of how to have the commercial license for hemp growers, hemp import and export and legal punishment for hemp possession.

Prof. Dr. Anat Tancho, Director of the Natural Agricultural Research and Development Center Maejo University, mentioned that the organization of such activities today is due to fact, that on 30th of December 2020 Thai FDA has announced the decision of the Ministry of Health about to allow to produce, import, export, sell or have in possession of narcotics of category 5 (hemp) and the decision is effective since 29th of January 2021.

Therefore, the Natural Agricultural Research and Development Center Maejo University organizing this event to acknowledge the general public about this decision and to get correct understanding of the process of applying for a license to grow hemp, and to get knowledge of growing process at organic hemp plantation learning center of Maejo University.

In the event, there were related organizations and agencies that attended the event to provide advice and suggestions for Commercial Hemp Cultivation permission license and also distribution channels.

At the event were present 5 companies who requested a permission for hemp processing license, they are:


The event organizers had arranged full information for cultivators who are interested to get a commercial permit license.  

After the Hemp Knowledge lecture was finished, the representative of the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office has opened for sign up permits to cultivators who are interested to have a commercial license as hemp cultivators. It turns out that there are so many people who show an interest. So many people such as cultivators and other private sectors have requested to receive the permission. This event was considered to be an onsite service in Chiang Mai. After this event the applicant need to bring documents to submitted at Public Health Office in every provinces.

Prof. Dr.Arnut Tansho, The Director of Research and Development of Natural Agriculture Department at Maejo University, said that hemp is very useful and has high price, we can use hemp fiber for textile industry or use hemp seed oil for cosmetic industry, and CBD oil cost more than 100,000 Baht per liter. The cultivator who is interested to get a commercial permit license must have the knowledge of hemp before start growing. Research and Development of Natural Agriculture Department at Maejo University opens training course about marijuana and hemp include differentiation and how to planting hemp under “Hemp Commercial License”.

Prof. Dr. Weerapon Thongma Chancellor of Maejo University has announced that their research team has been doing a research about marijuana and hemp. In the near future The University would provide Thai growers with the locally produced seeds. In addition to it, Maejo University research and developing methods to apply processed marijuana and hemp to food, drinks, cosmetics, seasonings or other products.

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